Cost is an important consideration when enrolling in a medical weight loss program. We strive to keep our customized weight loss programs affordable for most everyone.  We challenge you to compare our quality and fees with other medical weightloss programs in the Hampton Roads area.

Doctor’s Consultation/Counseling Fee

Initial visit (1 hour): $150
Follow-Up visit (monthly, 30 minutes): $80

Medical Boards has published guidelines for the treatment with controlled substances. It includes having patients return at appropriate intervals for re-evaluation.


EKG (required on the initial visit if wants prescription appetite suppressants): EKG is done at the office at the time of your appointment. EKG is required annually. $65

Please do not apply body lotion if you are getting an EKG done, because the EKG patches will not adhere, and can cause error in your EKG reading.

Lab (Bloodwork): If you do not have insurance, lab work can be done at our office at a cost of $308 ($900 at most lab centers). Labs included: CBC, CMP, Lipid Panel, TSH, FT3, FT4, Hb A1c, and Vitamin D level. Patients with the following insurance (Tricare, Federal Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Anthem BCBS, Optima) can have their labs done at the office provided the deductible has been met, for a $15 drawing fee. If you have the following plans (Cigna, Aetna, and Anthem Healthkeepers) you have to do your lab at LabCorp. We will give you a lab request on your initial appointment. If you are unsure which lab they may be associated with, please contact your insurance company.

Lab results must be brought on the follow up visit in order to receive refills on medication. 

Labs are repeated annually.

B12 Injection (optional; also offered as stand alone service): $20
If you are obese or morbidly obese, B12 alone will not suffice, the program is recommended. For best results, ideal treatment should be every week. Walk-ins are available for B12 injections.

Prescription Medications: Can buy at the office or can get a prescription – your choice; prices good for 30 day supply.

We only dispense/give prescriptions to our patients. We do not sell/dispense medications to the general public. You have to be a patient/ join the program to avail of these medications.

*Patient must be seen before receiving prescription or refills*

Phentermine (Appetite suppressant; controlled medication): $25
Lomaira (Phentermine 8 mg) : $20/30 tablets, $60/90 tablets
Maxzide (Waterpill): $15
Topamax (Promotes satiety and curbs cravings): $25 (25 and 50 mg); $30 (100 mg)
Metformin (To help with insulin resistance, especially in patients with PCOS and or pre diabetes): $15
Wellbutrin (Also helps with appetite suppression and stress eating): $25
Armour Thyroid or NatureThroid (Contains both T3 and T4); for patients with symptoms of hypothyroidism and low FT3 levels despite “normal TSH”.
Testosterone Injection (The possibilities of testosterone therapy are enticing — increase your muscle mass, sharpen your memory and concentration, boost your libido, and improve your energy level. Given to patients with testosterone deficiency.): $25/100 mg. Recommended weekly for best results. 

We also prescribe the newest medications approved by the FDA: Qsymia, Belviq, Contrave and Saxenda.

Medications are not returnable under any circumstances (federal law, because of danger of tampering). Once these medications have been purchased or shipped out of our facility, they are the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Side effects of these medications are beyond our control and not a reason to return the medication for a refund. Prices of products listed may change without notice.